High School Choir Directors

Dear High School Choral Directors,

One common goal among chorus teachers is to inspire their students to be life-long participants in the joy of choral singing.  Now there is an easy way for you to help bridge the gap from high school to adulthood so YOUR students KEEP SINGING!

The Keep Singing Project is designed to help graduating seniors connect with the choral programs at colleges/ universities and local community choirs, and for college choir directors to know who the singers are among the incoming freshmen on campus. You are busy, so we made this easy. This is all you have to do help your seniors KEEP SINGING:

Plan A:
Go to the HS Chorus Seniors Page of this website on the computer in your classroom or office.  Have seniors go over one at a time to enter their info.  If you have trouble with that page you can access the form directly here: The Keep Singing Project 2016

Plan B:
Email your seniors, and ask them to go to THIS PAGE and enter their info (or the form can be accessed directly here: The Keep Singing Project 2016).  Let them know how much you would love for them to continue singing after high school.

Or do BOTH:
Let students use the computer in your classroom, and also send an email to catch any of those super seniors you don’t see for several weeks due to AP testing, etc. 🙂

2016 Participation Deadline: June 1st

What happens next?
The senior’s contact info will be sent to the choral director at the college/ university they plan to attend or the local community choir. The choral director will then be able to inform them about the choral programs at their schools or in the community and invite them to participate.

Spread the word: You do not have to be a music major to sing in college!

Thank you for your support of this project, and for all you do every day to inspire your students to be life-long singers!

-The Keep Singing Project Team

P.S. Are you a high school choir director that would like to help with this project?  We are looking for a leader in each of the 50 states. See which states still need a leader on our About page, and then if you are interested be in touch through our Contact page for more information. Thank you for your interest!