The Keep Singing Project was featured on this week’s Sing to Inspire series on Classical Minnesota Public Radio. Hosts Tesfa Wondemagegnehu and Julie Amacher had a conversation with Andrew Minear about the founding and mission of the project.

Accompanied by a beautiful performance of “How Can I Keep from Singing” (arr. by Randall Stroope and performed by the Augustana Choir, John Hurty, conductor), Tesfa concluded the episode,

“So if you’re a high school choir director, or if you know somebody that is graduating this year and they want to keep singing, I strongly encourage you to get them to sign up for the Keep Singing Project. We want to keep people singing. We want people to have that opportunity that could possibly change their lives and impact the community in profound ways.”

Please go online to Classical MPR and share away! Here’s the link:

Growing Community

Hello World!

The Keep Singing Project just keeps growing thanks to the enthusiasm and support of so many. We are up to 38 state leaders, high school directors are encouraging their chorus seniors to participate, and graduating seniors from all across the country have already filled out the form because they want to KEEP SINGING after high school. We even got a request from an international school in Hong Kong, who has students planning to go to American universities, to add an option for them! The list of 50 states now includes the choice of “International School.” Awesome!

We have also heard from dozens of community choir directors who are happy that we have expanded our mission to include their organizations. Are you a community choir director that wants to be sure we have your group on our list? Just click here, and enter your info!

Participation deadline: June 1, 2016

Let’s keep the momentum going and finish strong!


Mission Expanding

The time has come to launch the Keep Singing Project for 2016! The survey will open April 1st and close June 1st. We are expanding the mission of the Project this year in two ways:

  1. Due to popular demand, we will connect high school graduates not only with college and university choral programs, but also with local community choirs in their area. This will be a great service to those students who do not plan to attend college right out of high school and to those whose colleges do not have a choral program. This will also be a great service to community choirs looking for new members.
  2. Though we had state leaders in only 21 states in 2015, high school respondents were heading to schools and communities all across the country. So we are happily opening the response form to students from all 50 states! That means we need to find leaders in all the states in which we do not yet have one. Check out our About page to see which states need a leader, and if you are a choral director that would like to volunteer Contact us here.

Thank you all for your interest and support! Together we can help young singers find their place in a choir after high school and make the joy of choral singing always a part of their “rhythm of life!”

2015 Success!

Thank you to all who made the Keep Singing Project such a success in 2015!  Thank you to our state leaders, to all who helped spread the word, to the dozens of high school chorus teachers who had students participate, and of course to the HUNDREDS of high school graduates who participated because they want to KEEP SINGING into adulthood!

The survey is now closed, so what happens now?  Responses are being organized by state and school, and then participants’ contact information will be shared with the choral director(s) at their chosen school.  The collegiate choral folks will then have the opportunity to invite the incoming freshman to participate in the choral offerings at their school.  Some colleges even offer scholarship money to non-music majors if they participate in an ensemble!  Whether scholarship money is available or not, participating in a college choir is a great way to reduce stress, meet people from all around the campus, and simply enjoy making music with others.  Choral singing is a fun and fulfilling activity in which people can  participate throughout their entire lives.

I could not be more happy with the tremendous response this year, and I look forward to the Keep Singing Project growing and developing in the future.  In my next post, I will share some of the ways we will be expanding in 2016.

Musically Yours,

Final Week for 2015

The support and enthusiasm for the Keep Singing Project has been amazing! Thank you all for participating and spreading the word.

This is the final week to participate in 2015. The deadline for graduating high school chorus seniors to complete the form is this Friday, May 29. Call, email, text, Facebook, Tweet, or send smoke signals to all the graduating chorus seniors you know!

We are so thrilled to help young people join the millions of others that KEEP SINGING into adulthood and throughout their lives.

High School Chorus Seniors can complete the form here: PARTICIPATE


In Michigan, we know a thing or two about snowballs (hey- it snowed all day on Earth Day last week!).  The momentum for the Keep Singing Project is snowballing big time!

We expected this project to grow over time, but the response so far has been tremendous.  Thank you to all who have helped spread the word about the Keep Singing Project.  We are very happy to report that after one week of being open for 2015, eight more states are joining in the project: Louisiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wyoming.  That brings the total to 15 states!

Thank you to all of our state leaders.  We could not do this without you!  To see a list of all the states involved and the leader for each state, check out our About page.

Let’s keep the (snow)ball rolling to help young people KEEP SINGING after high school!


Wow, we are growing!

In the first day of publicity for The Keep Singing Project, three more states have joined in the effort to connect graduating high school chorus seniors with a college choir. Welcome Colorado, Mississippi, and Missouri! We are so excited about helping more people to Keep Singing into adulthood!

Are you a high school or college choir director that would like to help with this project? We are looking to expand to the other 43 states and need a leader from each state. Contact us here.

Are you wondering who the leaders are for each state?  Check out the About page here.

The Keep Singing Project

We are excited to launch the 2nd year of the Keep Singing Project with a new website and an expanded team.  What started last year in Michigan is now in three additional states: Florida, Georgia, and Ohio!  This project is run by a volunteer team of high school and college choir directors that want to help graduating high school chorus seniors find a place to sing at the college level.  We hope you will participate and spread the word!

-The Keep Singing Project Team