Mission Expanding

The time has come to launch the Keep Singing Project for 2016! The survey will open April 1st and close June 1st. We are expanding the mission of the Project this year in two ways:

  1. Due to popular demand, we will connect high school graduates not only with college and university choral programs, but also with local community choirs in their area. This will be a great service to those students who do not plan to attend college right out of high school and to those whose colleges do not have a choral program. This will also be a great service to community choirs looking for new members.
  2. Though we had state leaders in only 21 states in 2015, high school respondents were heading to schools and communities all across the country. So we are happily opening the response form to students from all 50 states! That means we need to find leaders in all the states in which we do not yet have one. Check out our About page to see which states need a leader, and if you are a choral director that would like to volunteer Contact us here.

Thank you all for your interest and support! Together we can help young singers find their place in a choir after high school and make the joy of choral singing always a part of their “rhythm of life!”