2015 Success!

Thank you to all who made the Keep Singing Project such a success in 2015!  Thank you to our state leaders, to all who helped spread the word, to the dozens of high school chorus teachers who had students participate, and of course to the HUNDREDS of high school graduates who participated because they want to KEEP SINGING into adulthood!

The survey is now closed, so what happens now?  Responses are being organized by state and school, and then participants’ contact information will be shared with the choral director(s) at their chosen school.  The collegiate choral folks will then have the opportunity to invite the incoming freshman to participate in the choral offerings at their school.  Some colleges even offer scholarship money to non-music majors if they participate in an ensemble!  Whether scholarship money is available or not, participating in a college choir is a great way to reduce stress, meet people from all around the campus, and simply enjoy making music with others.  Choral singing is a fun and fulfilling activity in which people can  participate throughout their entire lives.

I could not be more happy with the tremendous response this year, and I look forward to the Keep Singing Project growing and developing in the future.  In my next post, I will share some of the ways we will be expanding in 2016.

Musically Yours,